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Caritas Vocal Ensemble's Mission

"Caritas" is Latin for a special kind of love: sacrificial love. 


Sacrificial love for our neighbors, love in kindness, love in action.


For two decades, Caritas Vocal Ensemble has partnered with churches and nonprofit organizations in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Greater Twin Cities Metro to help bring awareness and monetary aid to underserved communities.  


"Caritas" emphasizes our singers' love as they donate their time and talents to help make the world a better place. "Caritas" embodies love in our audiences' donations. "Caritas" exists within all of us. 


The name "Caritas" perfectly suits our mission of sharing music with the community to benefit people in need. While there are many excellent choral groups in the Twin Cities, Caritas Vocal Ensemble and its audiences are special: musically and financially, they gather together to change the world, one concert at a time.

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